Why are Rare Earth Minerals valuable?

Rare earth minerals are extremely valuable to modern industry. All electronic devices from televisions to satellites, from mobile phones to ballistic missiles, from computers to washing machines and from solar panels to batteries, depend upon on different rare earth minerals.

For example, Europium is the source of red phosphor for televisions and monitors. Without Europium LED screens would not present full color and the world would be a very different place. Rare earths minerals also play a huge role in modern permanent magnets that have enabled electronic devices to get smaller.

Lanthanum is one of the most important of rare earth elements as it is used extensively in modern battery technology, with every Toyota Prius containing more than 4.5 kilograms of the metal. These batteries are lighter, smaller, carry more power and are more efficient than the traditional lead-acid battery.

As technology advances, the demand for rare earth metals is expected to continue to rise. Whilst some rare earths are truly rare, most are simply very difficult to exploit using traditional techniques. That is why we believe that utilizing advanced, pioneering techniques to discover, develop and extract rare earth minerals is an extremely valuable opportunity.

Uses of Rare Earth Metals:

  • Batteries
  • Magnets
  • Lasers
  • Camera lenses
  • X-rays and PET scanners
  • Wind turbines
  • Communication systems
  • Precision guidance systems
  • Water purification
  • Space satellites
  • DVD’s
  • Solar panels
  • Electric and hybrid automobiles
  • Electronic screens (TVs, cell phones, monitors etc.)
  • Light bulbs