At Yokohama Marine Mining, we are committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible company. Yokohama Marine Mining’s management team has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. We believe that this is essential to managing the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly shifting global environment.

Yokohama Marine Mining is prepared to pledge the human resources and capital required to achieving a socially and environmentally sustainable business. This includes a policy framework, procedures, practices and the transparent reporting necessary to achieve sustainable levels of performance.

Yokohama Marine Mining is fully committed to the principals of sustainable development. We embrace our social and environmental responsibility, as we understand it is essential to the long term success of our business.

Yokohama Marine Mining continues to seek methods to minimize the environmental impact of our operations through:

  • A focus on reducing resources consumed
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • A commitment to recycle as much as possible
  • To minimize the levels of waste returned to the environment
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our business
  • Protecting and restoring natural biodiversity
  • Maintaining the highest standards of environmental controls to prevent or minimize any and all forms of spills
  • Maintaining transparency with stakeholders, such as regulators, our workforce and communities