At Yokohama Marine Mining, we have a commitment to discover, develop and produce from rare earth mineral from locations throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Japan consumes more than 30,000 tons of rare earth metals every year. The Agency for Natural Resources & Energy in Japan have placed a significant emphasis on developing production of rare earth metals in the country. They have offered numerous development grants and exploration concessions.

We focus our exploration locations in the Pacific Ocean within 500km of the coast of the islands of Japan. Having undertaken exploration of over 100, we estimate that more than 100 billion tons of rare earth minerals are available in the sediment on the ocean floor.

We have mining two principle mining interests:

Okinawa Trough

  • A volcanically active, rifting basin in the East China Sea
  • The Philippine Sea Plate is sub-ducting beneath the Eurasian Plate
  • The Okinawa Trough has a large plateau at 1km depth
  • Has a maximum depth of 2.7km
  • The trough contains numerous hydrothermal vent fields which are a rich resource of rare earth minerals


Izu Islands

  • A series of volcanic islands stretching south from Tokyo Bay into the Philippine Sea
  • There are more than a dozen islands, nine of which are inhabited with a total population of around 25,000 people
  • The area is an active volcanic region
  • Initial studies have found the area to be rich in rare earth minerals, especially in gadolinite, apatite and cerite